Friday, January 31, 2014

Bye January

Well January, what a random productive month!

My Finishes...

My Bees and BOMs...

In Progress...

And I have been eyeing off the Gypsy Wife pattern by Jen Kingwell for AGES! Then I discovered there was a year long QAL. I am certainly a sucker for a QAL so pattern has been ordered. I have done a quick fabric pull of some items I acquired in the Great Aussie Destash - Indian Summer bundle and some Nordika. I am loving the icy palette so I think that might be my base fabrics and the rest will be supplemented from my stash.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Skill Builder BOM 2013

I finally had some time to try to photograph my Skill Builder BOM in the daylight! I say try cause this quilt is BIG! We made great use of the kids trampoline and my tall hubby on a chair. Still the wind decided to pick up, then the dog tried to photo bomb - I think this is the closest I am getting to photograph it!

I started the Skill Builder BOM last year as I mainly wanted to "try" free motion quilting and develop some other skills. Well I can say I am thoroughly addicted to it now (and glue basting!). I was only using scraps for this quilt as my main aim was to develop skills. I used a palette of pinks, blues, yellows and greys. Now I am certainly not a pink fan so I originally never intended to keep it. Now I cannot part with it! It is like a catalogue of free motion stitches for me, as every block in the border is done differently. You can certainly see how my confidence was built throughout the quilt.

It was mostly all scraps - the exception being the grey and backing which was yardage in my stash. I got to the border stage and I almost didn't put it on as I had run out of the grey yardage. I was visiting my hometown over Christmas and I knew I had originally bought it from Spotlight, and they were having 40% off so I bought some more yardage. Then got back to Sydney to discover that it was a different shade of grey! I ummmed and arrrred and then decided to continue with the border. I made the joining binding strip a different colour to seperate the greys. I love how it looks now!

I had so much fun making this quilt. I definitely think the Quilt As You Go method is great for larger quilts that I find difficult to quilt on my little janome. Big thanks to Alyssa for such an awesome pattern! Now bring on the Skill Builder 2014!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yellow and Grey...

Sometimes you just need a quick and simple quilt to do. I think as I get more confident with different skills I just focus on the more complicated piecing (which is fun but certainly more time consuming!). I had just got back from a mothers group playdate and cursed myself for still not having made a quilt for a new bubba of one of my group who I had promised one to. I was scrolling through bloglovin and saw the As Easy as ABC QAL from Blossom Heart Quilts. Instant inspiration! I would spell out his name with the blocks.

I knew the colours of his room were yellow and grey so I dove into my stash and found some cute contenders! I trimmed all the blocks to 8" x 10" and quickly pieced the top and back in one night! 

I quilted it in a wonky chevron, marking the lines with my Hera marker ( which is my new favourite tool!) and bound it in a light grey.

I love a quick finish! Now I can't wait to see them again to give it to him!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A + A Quilt

Finally a quilty finish for me! It was a few months late for the actual wedding but I was determined to finish my sister-in-laws wedding quilt before the end of the year - and I did!

I started doing the Sew Mama Sew Modern Block of the Month2, designed by Alyssa Litcher from Pile O Fabric. It was always intended for my sis-in-law but I needed an extra 3 blocks to make it big enough. So I did my favourite "A" "+" "A" blocks. Purple is their favourite colour and I had somehow amassed a lovely array of grey fabric. Each block has a different grey in it. While the A + A have all of the colours I used.

The back is an appliqued heart on top of 4 fabrics which I think represent the couple perfectly. Mrs A - loves life and elephants, so she got little hearts and of course little elephants. Mr A is a bit of a computer....errrr....gamer so he got keyboard and he also loves photography so he got some cameras.

I free motioned the  heck out of this baby and I love how nice and soft it washed up! I still haven't given it to them yet but I hope they love it!

And of course I need to include a photo of the lovely flowergirl and her spunky brother (not that I am biased in the slightest). Both in handmade outfits. Miss E is wearing the Peekaboo Dress (pattern from Betty Kingston) and the pettiskirt from hell containing 90 yards of ruffling. Mr C is in a re-purposed mens dress pants turned into the Quick Change Pants (pattern by Anna Maria Horner) and appliqued vest and a sewn on bow-tie.

And extra bonus is that I actually had a finish on my FAL Quarter 4 list! Yay! My original list is here.

she can quilt

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


2013 has been a fun year for me in terms of social sewing! BOM's, QAL's and Bees!

So to start off 2014 ....

Quiet Play

Feathers QAL

that should keep me out of trouble for a while! (and 2014 is going to be the year of FINISHING all my other WIPs!!!!)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Cushion for ME!

My 11 month old is mobile and he has discovered my little stash of fabrics that I keep in the dining /sewing area. I mostly keep fabric for current projects and the last fabric order or two cause I am a bit lazy. As I started to pack it all away I found my three waterfront park fabrics and decided to do something with them before they get absorbed into the stash! Oh and there was a lovely low volume pack from pink castle fabrics as well...


Teeny log cabins with strips just 1 1/2" wide with some sweet carrot Essex linen (which is being used for another project) as the centre. I made all the log cabins and could not decide what to do in the centre so I winged it. As math was not my strong point it failed so I sliced and diced and it turned into what it is! 

New Cushion

If I had more waterfront park I think I would have kept going as I think this would look awesome as a quilt - but then it would probably never leave my WIP pile so it turned into a cushion. It is fairly big and fits a size 20 cushion nicely.

I followed Adrianne's lapped zipper instructions and I will certainly be doing more cushions like this!

Cushion back

I feel very satisfied with getting this completed and am one more step into making my home reflect me as a crafty artist. Is there anything wrong with giving myself a cushion for Christmas? Let's say it is from the kids!

Linking up with Ms Midge and the Christmas Cushion Blog Hop . There are certainly some lovely cushions to check out here!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Skill Builder BOM 2013 and 2014

Wow, have you seen Alyssa's Skill Builder BOM 2014 yet? How awesome does it look! I am very excited to be testing some of the blocks for her as well. So come and join us in 2014 for it!

Pile O' Fabric

I have almost joined all my 2013 blocks together - 1 row to go! I am loving joining the QAYG blocks together. And how fantastic is glue - no stabbing myself with pins! 

I am a quilting glue convert! 

I see myself making more larger quilts in my future using this method as I struggle to quilt larger quilts. So they tend to sit around while I end up making more. 

Here are all my blocks - the final placement is a little different but I love how they all look together. Except for the grey solid all the fabrics used in this came from my scrap pile. I love how they work together - even the pink!

Skill Builder BOM

My favourite quilting on a block has to be the Candyland block. I thought it was the most challenging block for me to sew (ekkkk curves!) but I love the woodgrain quilting! no bad for someone who had never free motion quilted before starting this quilt.

Skill Builder BOM: Candyland

Favourite Block has to be the Starlight Block

Skill Builder BOM catchup: Starlight
I cannot wait to finish this!

Catvent Quilt Along

I have a niece called Kitty. And an overflowing scrap bucket. This was so going to happen ...
Join in at Oh Fransson! Catventquiltalong

Hate to tell you Ferdinand but you have a fly on your nose! #catventquiltalong 
Ferdinand the bicycle riding fly swatter 

Why Bernadette don't look now but a mermaid is swimming right under your nose #catventquiltalong 
Bernadette the Fishy Mermaid

Hey Sunny! I 'ere ninjas are lurking today #catventquiltalong
Sunny the keen Ninja Ear